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About Emergency Ambulance Services in Saguna More

Emergency Ambulance Services in Saguna More is the wide roadway ambulance service. There are lots of hospitals located on the main road such as- Hi-tech Hospital, Keshav Hospital, Dr. Vimal Hospital, Curis Hospital, Samay Hospital, Atlantis Hospital, and so on. This ambulance service makes a relief to all the patients who want to discharge or change the hospitals themselves. EAS is a full-time medication and medical transportation vehicle that is evolved with Advanced Cardiac Life Support Ambulance and Basic Life Support Ambulance Service. Both the roadway ambulance is available to all the needy people round the clock. Our office location is based on Raja Bazar, Bailey Road, Patna which is on-duty for 24/7 Hours.

Best Supervision and Healthcare Unit inside Ambualnce Service

Mainly, Emergency Ambulance Services in Saguna More, Patna EAS is known for its lowest ambulance cost for ACLS and BLS Ambulance Service. There is an Emergency Medical Trained Team (Doctors, Paramedical Technicians, and ICU Staff) and the entire setup of emergency equipment inside the ambulance service. The best emergency medical ICU team conducts this ambulance journey and they take full-time response for the patient’s healthcare and treatment's sake. ACLS or Cardiac Ambulance is an ICU-based Ambulance Service whereas BLS or Oxygen Ambulance is a ward-based Ambulance Service.

Why EAS Ambulance Service Saguna More is the best:

(A.) Quick Presence: As the needy person calls us, we are present in a short time nearby the patient. The service is active round the clock, therefore, anyone can dial us day-night.
(B.) Fast Service: Within half an hour, our service is available anywhere in Patna. We are on-duty day-night where our medical associates also assist the needy persons. We provide our fast emergency service to all classes of patients.
(C.) Low Cost: Ambulance cost is only a major factor for quantity. Quality is never afraid of the cost. We have our best and the most affordable price for each society in Patna.
(D.) ICU Team: Emergency Medical Team in Ambulance is a crucial side therefore, EAS Ambulance provides the experienced and qualified ICU Team. Our medical team is associated with MDs, Doctors, Paramedical Technicians, and Nurses.
(E.) Air Ambulance: Besides Road Ambulance, EAS Ambulance provides Private Air Ambulance, Jet Aircraft Medical Flight, Commercial Airlines Stretcher, Wheelchair, and Train Ambulance Service.
(F.) Train Ambulance: Train Medical Transportation Service is also called Train Ambulance Service in India. EAS Ambulance Service provides ICU Setup inside Class 2nd AC or 1st AC. Doctor and Paramedical controls this railway line medical journey.

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